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Xena: Warrior Princess

justice league writers: study up

The vortex at the beginning of the film was really a painting by Tom Sullivan that was rotated in front of the camera. The demons that floated in front were added afterward.

A look into filming the courtyard in Army of Darkness.

Sam Raimi on location of the Evil Dead cabin in Tennessee.


The Cars, 1978.


The Cars, 1978.


JAWS videogame (1978) from Atari, as played by Heather Menzies in the opening of PIRANHA (1978).

Originally there was supposed to be more to the windmill scene before the mini Ashes made their appearance. The five minute scene was more silent as Ash suspected a presence which ultimately led to him running into the mirror from outside the windmill instead of inside. 

Did you know?: Shempism 204


The stop motion animation of deadite Linda in Evil Dead 2 was first choreographed by Tam G. Warner and performed by a dancer named Snowy Winters from several angles. The entire dance was then imitated by A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors animator Doug Beswick in stop motion.